Blue Wine Ecological Marqués de Alcántara 100% Natural
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Marqués de Alcantara Blue Wine Chardonnay

Harvest year





750 ml / 375 ml






6 Units

Blue wine
About This Project

After two years of hard work by the entire team of Marqués de Alcántara®, we managed to extract the natural pigment from the skin of the red grape, the anthocyanin, and stabilize it to make our exotic Chardonnay blue wine.


In addition to achieving this striking color, our cold fermentation system enhances the aromatic characteristics of the variety, increasing the quality of our wines. Throughout this process, maintaining 100% flavor has been our top priority.


With an astronomical production in our own cellars and present in more than half a thousand establishments, the taste of this Chardonnay will not leave you indifferent. The tropical tastes that you will find in our masterpiece do not hide the original flavor of the white grape. Give a special touch to your events and impress your guests. Try it and let yourself be surprised.


Expressive and tropical wine on the nose with a soft, seductive, pleasant and enveloping mouthfeel. As enveloping as the fruity aftertaste that leaves thanks to its high acidity.


Recommended wine for white fish and seafood. You can also taste it with grilled white meats or as an appetizer, where it expresses its maximum expression.

It is the aromatized beverage that represents the honor of our company. It is bright blue, with excellent texture and fruity touches, where its sweet taste resides.

More than 500 well-known restaurants offer it to their clients.