Marqués de Alcántara - The authentic Blue Wine with Chardonnay grape
The first ecological blue wine in the world, of authentic blue color, unbeatable texture and with a fruity touch, where its sweetness resides. The blue wine with its own charm. Enjoy a unique flavor at an unbeatable price. Wine, sparkling or champagne, you will be surprised with all.
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 Blue Wine Ecologic


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Marqués de Alcántara products

Marqués de Alcántara

Give a special and novel touch to your table and impress your guests. Do you want your 5 senses go grazy? Just try it, feel free, you’ll think you’re in the middle of the field…

Alma de Merixell

Endless sensuality, unique beauty and soft sweet taste are combined with an elegant acidity producing a wide and tasty sensation in your mouth.

Velvet de Vendome

A mix between visiting the Maldivas and Seychelles, it is the sensation you can experience when tasting it. You can create a paradise in every occasion.

Tres Puñales

It is the perfect way to impress your guests thanks to the special touch it gives to your table. Would you like to your 5 senses to go crazy? Just try it, feel as free as you are in an open field.


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Sobre Nosotros

In a Peugeot 206, in broad daylight and with great enthusiasm, he undertakes, Rubén Soto, the creator of the 100% Blue Wine, a business with many future views.

This entrepreneur from Oriola is the only one who has come up with the key to making the 100% chardonnay blue wine, and with the help of his winemaker he discovered that the skin of the red grape has a pigment that, together with the white grape and the ink, give rise to the spectacular blue color of this wine, without chemical processes, which makes the product at the same time natural.